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Configuration of projects

In a JSON file, various settings can be made for projects to which baselines belong. The storage location of this project configuration file is configurable (see Configuration of the baseline dogus).

The admin user is privileged to change the project configuration on the project page in the Baseline tool by clicking the Projekte verwalten button.

The configuration of the single projects is done as an array.

Configuration of a single project

Configuration of the project ID

Each project has a unique ID. The ID of the project also corresponds to the name of the project. All configured projects are displayed in the project overview.

  • Attribute key: id
  • Data type: String
  • Example: "id": "petclinic"

Configuration of SCM repositories

Settings for accessing the SCM manager must be configured for each project. Potential baselines are determined in the SCM Manager.

Configuration of the SCM URL

In the project configuration file, the URL to the SCM manager where the configured repositories can be found must be specified.

  • Attribute-Key: scm-url
  • Data type: String
  • Example: "scm_url": "https://ecosystem.cloudogu.com/scm"
Configuration of the SCM repository with the potential baselines.

In the project configuration file an SCM repository must be specified where the SCM tags of the potential baselines can be found. When determining the potential baselines, this repository is searched for the tags, that match the configured tag pattern.

The SCM repository must be specified with its namespace: <namespace>/<repository name>.

  • Attribute key: full_qualified_repository_name.
  • Data type: String
  • Example: full_qualified_repository_name: demo/spring-petclinic.
Configuring additional SCM repositories for artifact collection.

For collecting artifacts, it is optionally possible to specify additional SCM repositories. When collecting the artifacts these repositories will be taken into account. The system searches in these repositories for tags with the same name as the baseline.

The SCM repositories must be specified with namespace: <namespace>/<repository name>.

  • Attribute key: additional_repository_names.
  • Data type: Array with strings
  • Optional
  • Example:
"additional_repository_names": [
Configuration of the pattern for the SCM tags

In the project configuration file a pattern (regular expression) must be specified for the SCM tags to be considered. When determining the potential baselines, only those tags are considered that correspond to the configured pattern.

  • Attribute Key:
  • Data type: String
  • Example: "tag_regex":"^.*",