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Smeagol is a wiki system based on a Git repository. This means that not only the source code of the software product, but also the corresponding documentation is versioned in the Git repository. This way the documentation is exactly where it belongs - right next to the source code.

The documentation can be conveniently accessed via a web interface, where each user can see the wikis of the repositories to which he or she also has access in the SCM Manager. The function of the web interface is not only limited to displaying the content: it also allows the user to edit the documentation (including live preview and support for creating diagrams using PlantUML syntax) and to search the content already created. In addition, it is possible to view the version history of the wikis, an overview of all documentation files in a repository, as well as global changes. Furthermore, settings such as the start page and the directory in which the documentation should be stored can be made.

To use Smeagol for a repository, all you need to do is create an empty ".smeagol.yml" file in the root directory of the repository. This can also be done directly in the web interface. By default, repositories without wiki are hidden. To display them, the checkbox "Display repositories without wiki" must be activated in the overview.

Smeagol display empty Wikis

If a repository without a wiki is selected in the web interface, a new wiki can be created by clicking on the "Initialize wiki" button after selecting the branch on which to work (the smeagol.yml is created automatically).

Smeagol initialise Wiki

Subsequently, the documentation can be created either on the Smeagol web interface or via a common editor, depending on how it is preferred to work. This process is outlined below. Smeagol Workflow

Existing pages can be modified and new ones created via the web interface. As soon as changes are saved, Smeagol automatically performs a push to the repository, versioning the documentation. When using an editor, this has to be done manually. There are several syntaxes to choose from for creating the documentation, such as Markdown or Rdoc.

All repositories that have a smeagol.yml are displayed in the wiki overview.

Smeagol Overview

If you click on the wiki, you get an overview of all branches in the repository.

Smeagol Branches

By clicking on the desired branch you will be redirected to the wiki page. With the search function you can search the wiki for terms. With the button "Home" you will be redirected to the first page of the wiki. The root directory (by default "docs") and the main page (i.e. the page that is displayed first when the repository is selected) can also be customized via the "Settings" button.

Smeagol Wiki Home

A simple navigation through the wiki is possible via the breadcumb. For example, if you want to list all pages of the corresponding wiki, just click on the top directory "docs".

Smeagol Wiki Seitenübersicht mithilfe von Breadcrumbs

For long wikis, the fixed table of contents is a great help. It is automatically updated when changes are made to the wiki and is based on the headings. These serve as jumping points to the respective section.

Smeagol Table of Contents

Under "Pages" all related wiki pages are listed:

Smeagol Wiki Page Overview

Click "New" to create a new wiki page. You have to define a name for the page and then click "OK" to create the page.

Create Smeagol Wiki Page

Under "Rename" you can rename the currently selected page. To do this, enter the new name and confirm with "OK".

Rename Smeagol Wiki Page

With "Delete" pages can be deleted again.

Delete Smeagol Wiki Page

Under "Edit" the editor opens and you can change the page directly in the browser. You have the possibility to display a preview next to the editing ("Markdown") or to use a summarized editor ("WYSIWYG"). With a comment you can save changes to the page.

Smeagol Wiki Editor

The version history shows all changes of the currently selected wiki page.

Smeagol Wiki History

The branch selected at the beginning can be changed on the right in branch-dropdown in the menu bar.

Smeagol Wiki change Branch