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In order for a user to be able to open the Baseline Dogu and read and edit data there, he must have the appropriate permissions. This article describes which user groups exist, how they differ and how they can be configured. they can be configured.

1. Mapping the groups from the user management

The creation of the groups for the Baseline Dogu is done in the User Management. Likewise the group assignments of the individual users take place here.

A corresponding mapping of the groups from the User Management is done via the configuration of the Baseline Dogu. (s. Configuration of the Dogus).

2. User groups

There are the following three permission groups for the Baseline Dogus:

  • Baseline reader
  • Baseline editor
  • Baseline Admin

The individual authorization groups build on each other. This means:

  • Baseline editors and baseline admins have the permissions of the baseline reader.
  • Baseline admins have the permissions of the baseline editor.

2.1 Baseline reader

Baseline reader - as the name suggests - has the right to read the information from the baseline dogu. He is not allowed to perform write actions that modify data.

If no group is configured to read the baseline dogu, any user existing in the CAS may open the baseline dogu Open and read the baselines information.

However, if a group is explicitly configured to read the baseline dogu, a user must be in at least one of the three existing baseline groups to be able to open the baseline dogu in general.

2.2 Baseline editor

The baseline editor is allowed to perform write, data-modifying actions. Among other things, the Baseline editor can open a baseline, fix a baseline, and recollect artifacts.

However, the baseline editor cannot reopen a baseline and cannot make changes to the configuration. configuration.

The following actions are allowed by the baseline editor:

  • Open baseline
  • Fix a baseline
  • Re-collect artifacts from a baseline.
  • Fix element group
  • Reopen element group
  • Add manual elements and edit and delete existing elements

2.3 Baseline admin

The baseline admin is allowed to perform additional actions compared to the baseline editor. These include reopening a baseline opening a baseline and configuring the baseline dogus.

The baseline admin is allowed to perform the following actions:

  • All actions of the baseline editor.
  • Reopen a baseline
  • Change project configuration
  • View baseline tool settings

In addition to the configurable baseline admin group, all CES instance administrators also have admin privileges in the Baseline Dogu.