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Confluence Dogu

About this Dogu

Name: premium/confluence

Description: Atlassian Confluence is a collaboration software program.

Website: https://www.atlassian.com/de/software/confluence

Dependencies: postgresql, cas, nginx

Installation in the Cloudogu EcoSystem

cesapp install premium/confluence

cesapp start confluence

Confluence User Group

An additional group possible Confluence users are in can be set via the confluence_users_group key.

Attention! If the key has not been set before the first start of Confluence, you need to manually add the group in the Confluence GUI. If you want to change it via the dogu configuration afterwards, you need to set the following keys:

  • /config/confluence/confluence_users_group -> The new Confluence user group
  • /config/confluence/confluence_users_group_last -> The current Confluence user group you want to change

Removing the Confluence user group via the dogu configuration is not supported. You need to do that via the Confluence GUI.

Backup & Restore

Confluence stores most of its data in the home directory. But there are many folders for caching purposes which are excluded from the backup to minimize the backup size.

- /var/atlassian/confluence/shared-home
- /var/atlassian/confluence/thumbnails 
- /var/atlassian/confluence/temp
- /var/atlassian/confluence/journal
- /var/atlassian/confluence/bundled-plugins
- /var/atlassian/confluence/imgEffects
- /var/atlassian/confluence/plugins-temp

These directories will be connected to the host via a docker volume. But they will not be saved when backing up the CES. The data insides these folders is available/visible in the home folder inside the container but not on the host system.

# inside the container
$HOME/thumbnails -> filled with data

# on host system
/var/lib/ces/confluence/volumes/[thumbnails] -> filled with data
/var/lib/ces/confluence/volumes/[home]/thumbnails -> empty