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Preconfigured Nexus settings

By using scripts that are called to start the Nexus, a Cleanup Policy and a Compact Blobstore Task are created.

Compact Blobstore Task

If an artifact is scheduled for deletion in Nexus (e.g. by the automatically running Cleanup Service Task), the artifact is only marked for deletion but not actually deleted. The final deletion of the data from the Blobstore is done by a Compact Blobstore Task, which is not configured in the default Nexus configuration. This task is created by the script nexusSetupCompactBlobstoreTask.groovy when the application is started. The task deletes data daily (in its standard configuration) from the default blobstore. If you want to configure a different blobstore, you can do this by modifying the etcd key config/nexus/compact_blobstore_task/blobstore. The easiest way to do this is to use the cesapp command cesapp edit-config nexus.

More information about tasks can be found in the official task-documentation.

Cleanup Policy

Like the task mentioned above, a policy (ces-maven-snapshot-cleanuppolicy) is created by script (nexusSetupCleanupPolicies.groovy). This cleanup policy is intended for maven-snapshot repositories. To apply it, either the repository has to be configured manually or in a hcl configuration via nexus-claim the field policyName must be filled with a list of policies containing ces-maven-snapshot-cleanuppolicy.

repository "public" {
  _state = "present
  online = true
  recipeName = "maven2-hosted
  attributes = {
    cleanup = {
      policyName = ["ces-maven-snapshot-cleanuppolicy"]

The policy can be configured via cesapp edit-config nexus command. The default intervall for the cleanup policy is 14 days. More information about cleanup policies can be found in the official cleanup-policy-documentation.