//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

How to build a CES-image


  • git installed
  • packer installed (see packer.io)
  • VirtualBox, QEMU and/or VMware installed

1. Check out the ecosystem repository

  • git clone https://github.com/cloudogu/ecosystem.git

    2. Build the image(s) with packer

  • cd <ecosystem-path>/images/
  • packer build -var "timestamp=$(date +%Y%m%d)" template.prod.json

    • Builds all images for production
    • To get only a specific build for one of the hypervisors, use the--only=<image-type> parameter. With it, the image type can be configured to ecosystem-virtualbox, ecosystem-vmware or ecosystem-qemu
    • The default user is ces-admin with password ces-admin (will be changed in setup process)
  • packer build template.dev.json

    • Builds an image for development
    • Adds development tools like htop and jq to the the vm. A full list can be found in the following files:

    • The default user is vagrant with password vagrant

3. Wait

  • The image build process lasts around 45 minutes, depending on your hardware

    4. Finish

  • The image(s) can be found in <ecosystem-path>/images/output-*