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Command: cesapp switch-namespace

With the cesapp switch-namespace-Command, the namespace of an installed dogu can be switched. This command is aimed at experienced users. It is recommended to execute a backup before this step, otherwise it may lead to data loss.

The command needs two arguments:

  • The full name and namespace of an already installed dogu
  • The full name and namespace of the dogu you want to switch to

Example: cesapp switch-namespace official/redmine premium/redmine

The namespace can only be changed to the same dogu in another namespace. The exact version of the installed dogu must be existent in the target namespace.


   cesapp switch-namespace - switches the namespace of a dogu

   cesapp switch-namespace [command options] <current-namespace>/<dogu-name> <target-namespace>/<dogu-name>

   --help, -h  show help (default: false)