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Configuration of service accounts

Nexus offers the possibility to create service accounts.


To do this, an entry must be made in the ServiceAccount section of dogu.json in the target logu:

  "Type": "nexus",
  "Params": [

Both parameters (params) are optional and have the following function:

fullAccessRepository - The account being created will have full access to a newly created repository in Nexus. The name of the repository is written to the params along with the parameter. From the above example configuration with fullAccessRepository=myRepositoryData a repository with the name myRepositoryData is created.

permissions - defines a set of Nexus permissions which will be given to the creating service account. From the above example permissions=nx-repository-admin-maven2-maven-public-*,nx-repository-view-nuget-nuget-hosted-* the service account will be given the Nexus permission: nx-repository-admin-maven2-maven-public-* and nx-repository-view-nuget-nuget-hosted-*.


The service account user data is stored for the dogu under the path /config/<dogu>/sa-nexus encrypted in the etcd. The following keys are created:

/config//sa-nexus/username - the username of the service account. This key is always created.

/config//sa-nexus/password - the password of the service account. This key is always created.

/config//sa-nexus/repository - the name of the repository configured by the fullAccessRepository=repoName parameter. This key is created only if the SA was configured with the fullAccessRepository parameter.