//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Command: cesapp list-remote

The command cesapp list-remote shows the most recent version as well as the display-name and a description of any installable dogu.

Show multiple versions of a dogu

Multiple versions for a single dogu

To show multiple versions of a single dogu, just pass the full dogu name as command argument (e.g. cesapp list-remote official/redmine).

Multiple versions for all dogus

To show multiple versions of all dogus, use the --available-flag (e.g. cesapp list-remote --available).

Limit the number of displayed versions

You can configure the maximum amount of displayed versions. There are two ways to do so:

  1. Use the --limit-Flag (e.g. cesapp list-remote --limit 3 official/redmine => At most 3 versions are shown now)
  2. Use the configuration file under /etc/cesapp/configuration.json and set the following entry:

    "output": {
    "listremote": {
      "defaultVersionPrintLimit": 3

    Now the version output is limited to 3 versions, as long as the --limit-flag is not provided which would overwrite this setting.

To show all versions, just set the limit to zero (e.g.cesapp list-remote --limit 0 official/redmine).


   cesapp list-remote - list all available dogus with their version from remote server

   cesapp list-remote [command options] [<namespace/dogu-name>] (cannot be used in conjunction with --all)

   --available, --all  prints available versions for all dogus in YAMl format; cannot be used in conjunction with a specific dogu (default: false)
   --limit value       only print out the last x versions in YAMl format. This switch can only be used in conjunction with --all or a specific dogu. -1 = default limit | 0 = infinite versions (default: -1)
   --help, -h          show help (default: false)