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Project template import

Project template import can be used to insert exported project templates into a new or running EasyRedmine instance.


  1. Copy all project templates to the volume /var/lib/ces/easyredmine/volumes/project-templates.
  2. All dropped project templates will be imported at next startup. Attention the volume is not included in the backup and will be moved after import.
  3. The imported templates should be visible at https://<HOSTNAME>/easyredmine/templates. Also, the templates will be moved to the successful subdirectory.
  4. Check the import-history-log to see reports of all imports since the creation of the dogu.


If errors occur during the import, the affected templates are copied to the failed subdirectory. Corresponding error messages can also be found in the import history import-history.log. It is also possible that templates are imported although an error occurred. This occurs, for example, if certain fields could not be imported correctly. Therefore, https://<HOSTNAME>/easyredmine/templates should be checked in any case. If necessary, no new project can be created from project templates imported with errors.