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Migrating Cesapp versions

Migrating from 3.x.x to 4.x.x

When migrating from version 3 to version 4, there are a few things to keep in mind:


In case manual changes were made to the /etc/cesapp/configuration.json file before the upgrade, a file conflict will occur. Therefore, a copy of this file should be made before updating the Cesapp version to prevent data loss.

If the upgrade is done via apt install cesapp, you can decide for yourself whether, in the event of a conflict, simply the new /etc/cesapp/configuration.json or keep the old one. It is recommended to keep the old file and add the following change manually:

Before upgrade:

  "remote": {
    "}, "endpoint": ``https://dogu.cloudogu.com/api/v1/``,

After upgrade

  }, "remote": {
    "}, "endpoint": ``https://dogu.cloudogu.com/api/v2/'',

If the change is made via the blueprint upgrade, the /etc/cesapp/configuration.json is automatically overwritten. The blueprint upgrade then aborts with an error. The command can be restarted afterwards and should then work without errors. Previously made manual changes to the file may now need to be re-entered.


With the version the format of the dogu.jsons was adapted. However, since there are still some important dependencies, that require a local dogu registry in the old format to work correctly, a second path was created in etcd a second path was created. The old Dogu registry in v1 format can still be found under /dogu. In addition, the path /dogu_v2 for the v2 format has been created in etcd.

When a new Dogu is installed, it is stored in both the v1 registry (in v1 format) and the v2 registry (in v2 format). The read accesses of the Cesapp first access the v2 registry first. If no dogu is found there, the v1 registry is searched. Only if the Dogu is not to be found there, an error is thrown.