//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Integration Tests

Requirements to execute integration tests on local CES:

  • Local ecosystem with nexus and scm dogu
  • Terraform on host


1. Start ecosystem with nexus and scm dogu

2. Change ecosystem.auto.tfvars with local admin credentials. Afterwards execute following commands to create SCM-Repositories:

terraform init -input=false
terraform plan -input=false -var="fqdn=<fqdn>" -var="scm_username=<scm_username>" -var="scm_password=<scm_password>"
terraform apply -input=false -auto-approve -var="fqdn=<fqdn>" -var="scm_username=<scm_username>" -var="scm_password=<scm_password>"
  • scm_username username of ecosystem.cloudogu.com
  • scm_password password of ecosystem.cloudogu.com
  • TF_LOG=trace terraform can be used to debug terraform

3. Create SCM-Repository tags

Change FQDN, CESUSERNAME, CESPASSWORD according to you EcoSystem.

cd integrationTests/initData/http/scm-repos/ && FQDN=<FQDN> CES_USERNAME=<CES_USERNAME> CES_PASSWORD=<CES_PASSWORD>./setupRepositories.sh

4. Build baseline-dogu

  • Configure registry keys:

    etcdctl set /config/baseline/groups/readers "baselineReaders"
    etcdctl set /config/baseline/groups/editors "baselineEditors"
    etcdctl set /config/baseline/groups/admins "baselineAdmins"

    Finally, restart the baseline dogu: docker restart baseline.

5. Start tests

cd integrationTests && yarn install && yarn cypress open

6. clean up

You have to manually throw the projects.json and the created baselines out of the Nexus.