//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Command: cesapp edit-config

The command cesapp edit-config <dogu-name> [<registry-key> <value>] can be used to edit the etcd configuration of a dogu.

Modify individual keys

If an etcd key and a value is passed to the command, then only the value of that one key will be set to the specified value.


If key and value are not specified, an interactive query of all keys of the dogus follows.

Delete values

Since the value does not change if an empty value is specified, the --delete-on-empty flag must be supplied to delete keys.


   cesapp edit-config - edit registry configuration of a dogu

   cesapp edit-config [--delete-on-empty] <dogu-name> [<registry-key> <value>]

   Edit the etcd configuration of a dogu.
   This can be done by specifying the key and its value.
   If no key and value are given, it starts an interactive dialog for editing all keys.
   If no value is specified, the value of the key is unchanged, unless the --delete-on-empty flag is present.

   --delete-on-empty  delete values if the input was empty (default: false)