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This endpoint serves as the initial start of the OAuth authorization. The Authorization endpoint is used to request a short-lived token from the CAS.

URL : <fqdn>/api/authorize

Method : GET

Condition of the data

?response_type = code
?client_id = Valid clientID from the dogu
?state = Any string
?redirect_url = <URL to which the short term token of successful authentication will be redirected>.

Data example

?response_type = code
?client_id = portainer
?state = b8c57125-9281-4b67-b857-1559cdfcdf31
?redirect_url = http://local.cloudogu.com/portainer/

call example


Successful response

Automatically redirects one to the CAS login screen. After a successful login the redirect_url is passed with a code as GET parameter.

Example for code: ST-1-wzG237MUOvfjfZrvRH5s-cas.ces.local