//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Dogu upgrades

Starting with version 0.14 of the cesapp, dogus can be upgraded with the upgrade command. In order to help with upgrading a Dogu, available upgrades can be listed with list-upgrades.


# list available upgrades
cesapp list-upgrades

# upgrade to latest scm version
cesapp upgrade dogu scm

# upgrade to version 1.53-1 of scm
cesapp upgrade dogu scm 1.53-1

# upgrade to version 1.52-1 and ignore version conflicts
cesapp upgrade dogu scm 1.52-1 --force

Upgrade steps

During the upgrade process the cesapp will execute the following list of steps:

  • stop all dogus depending on the one to be upgraded
  • execute the pre-upgrade script, if configured
  • remove old container
  • start new container
  • execute post-upgrade script, if configured
  • start all dogus depending on the one to be upgraded

Upgrade scripts

The upgrade scripts can be defined in the dogu.json e.g.:

  "Name": "upgradable-dogu",
  "Version": "0.2.0",
  "DisplayName": "Upgradable Dogu",
  "Image": "registry.cloudogu.com/sample/upgradable-dogu",
  "ExposedCommands": [{
    "Name": "pre-upgrade",
    "Command": "/pre-upgrade.sh"
  }, {
    "Name": "post-upgrade",
    "Command": "/post-upgrade.sh"

Please Note:

The configuration for the upgrade scripts is always loaded from the new version of the dogu. The new dogu knows, what is required for the update.

If a pre-upgrade script is defined in the new version, then it is extracted from the new image into the old container. This enables the execution of the pre-update script in the old container.

The post-upgrade is executed after the new container is started.

This behaviour is useful for complicated tasks such as dump (pre-upgrade) and restore (post-upgrade).