//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Command: cesapp verify

The cesapp verify <dogu directory> command executes all tests in the spec directory of the dogus.
The dogu directory is the source directory of the dogu.

CI optimized output

The --ci flag can be used to optimize the output for Continuous Integration processes.

Health Timeout

The time (in seconds) to wait for the healthy status of a dogus,
can be set with the --health-timeout flag (default: 120).

Keep container

For the tests, containers are created for the dogu, which are discarded afterwards.
With the flag --keep-container the containers are kept.

Output directory of the reports

By default, the output is done via stout in the command line.
If the output should be written to a directory instead, this can be specified with --report-directory.


   cesapp verify - verify executes all tests under the spec directory of a dogu

   cesapp verify [command options] <dogu directory>

   --ci                      print the output in ci optimized manner (default: false)
   --health-timeout value    limit in seconds to wait until the container get healthy (default: 120)
   --keep-container          keep test container after verification (default: false)
   --report-directory value  specified the output directory for reports