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# Sending an e-mail after changing a user's password

If a user's password has changed, an e-mail is sent to this user with information about the changed password. This e-mail is always sent, irrespective of whether the user has changed his password himself or whether the password was changed by another user, e.g. an administrator.

The e-mail is sent to the user's e-mail address stored in the LDAP.

Configuration of the e-mail content

The sender e-mail address, the subject and the text of the e-mail can be configured via the following etcd values:

  • password_change/notification_enabled: defines whether the e-mail notification is enabled.
  • password_change/mail_sender_address: specifies the e-mail address that is displayed as the sender of the e-mail.
  • password_change/mail_sender_name: specifies the name that is displayed as the sender name of the e-mail.
  • password_change/mail_subject: specifies the subject of the e-mail.
  • password_change/mail_text: specifies the text of the e-mail.

The following should be noted:

  • These values are optional. If no values are set, default values are used.
  • In the texts, special characters must be specified in encoded form.

    • %uid: For the user ID (=username) of the user
    • %name: For the complete name (cn) of the user