//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Command: cesapp healthy

The command cesapp healthy <dogu-name> can be used to check if the specified dogu is healthy.

Check all dogus

The command cesapp healthy --all checks the health status of all dogus.

Wait for ready state

The --wait flag delays the health check until the dogu is ready.
With --timeout <value> you can set a timeout for this, so that the command does not wait forever.
--fail-fast makes the command fail as soon as a critical result is detected.


With the --silent flag the results of the health check are not output.


   cesapp healthy - checks if a dogu is healthy

   cesapp healthy [options] <dogu-name>
   cesapp healthy [options] --all

   --all            check the health of all installed dogus (default: false)
   --fail-fast      fails immediately if a critical result returns, makes only sense in combination with wait (default: false)
   --silent         do not print health check results (default: false)
   --timeout value  timeout for check, makes only sense in combination with wait (default: 0)
   --wait           wait until the dogu is ready (default: false)