//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Backup & Restore Dogu


Develop and run project from IDE


Build dogu via cesapp build

Local dev environment
  • Write your local IP to nodemaster file: `echo YOURIP > /etc/ces/node_master`
  • Write a configuration into resources/backup.yml. For example:

    port: 8080
    deactivate-cas: false
    skip-ssl-verification: true
    admin-group: adminGr
    group-attribute: groups

Set CES instance into development mode to enable a connection

  • etcdctl set /config/_global/stage development

Run Integration Tests & Unit Tests

Start prometheus and etcd with sample data

  • cd environment/
  • docker-compose up

Prometheus starts at localhost:9090

Etcd starts at localhost:4001

go test -v ./...

Just Unit Tests

go test -v -short ./... make unit-test

Just Integration Tests

go test -v -run 'Integration' ./... make integration-test