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Call and CSV file default

Users can be imported via the /users/import endpoint. CSV according to RFC 4180 is used as import format. The header of the file must define 7 columns:


The order of the columns can vary, but the names of the columns must be kept.

Authentication is performed via the account of the logged-in user. If the user does not have admin rights, the endpoint cannot be called by the user. Duplicate entries do not affect the result of the import, but will be processed twice. The result of the import can be used to determine which entry is incorrect. No groups are currently created or assigned via the import.

How the import works.

  • Any number of users can be created via the import.
  • If the user already exists, the values in the CSV are used for updating the user.
  • Currently, each user created is considered as internal user.
  • Via the import no group can be created or assigned.

EMail Notification

When creating a new user account, users automatically receive an email with their login information, including username and temporary password. These emails can be configured individually, using placeholders such as ${username} and ${password}. After the first login, users are prompted to change their temporary password to ensure the security of the account.


A result entry is created for the import. This result can be found in the importHistory volume under /var/lib/usermgt/importHistory. The result contains a summary of the users that were created or modified. Furthermore, the result contains possible errors that occurred during the import. Per entry e error code is given:

Code Error description
100 General error that occurred while parsing the CSV file
101 Value from column could not be transferred to data type, e.g. "10" as Boolean
102 A column entry is missing in the header
103 The value of the column could not be assigned to the user
104 The number of columns of a row do not match those of the header
200 General error while validating the line
201 The username is already used
202 The format of the value does not match the required format
204 Required value is not set
300 Internal server error
301 An error occurred while writing the result

In addition to the volume, summaries of the imports can be accessed via the /users/import/summaries endpoint. Individual results are available via the endpoint /users/import/{importID} and can be downloaded via /users/import/{importID}/download.

Fully usable CSV file

dent,Arthur Dent,Arthur,Dent,arthur.dent@hitchhiker.com,false,true
trillian,Tricia McMillan,Tricia,McMillan,tricia.mcmillan@hitchhiker.com,false,true