//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Start Smeagol locally

The following describes how to run Smeagol locally. However, this requires a local EcoSystem with a running SCM manager. In addition, the CAS must be brought into the development stage. To do this, execute the following: etcdctl set config/_global/stage development && docker restart cas.

1. start frontend

  • Make sure that the installed node version is lower than 18. With Node 16 it was tested successfully.
  • From the root folder of the repository execute: node src/main/scripts/start.js.

2. start backend

  • Create an API token at the SCM manager:
  • Copy the API key and add it to the application.yml under src/main/resources.


  accessKey: eyJhcGlLZXlJZCI6IjVFVFp5ZUNlckEiLCJ1c2VyIjoiYWRtaW4iLCJwYXNzcGhyYXNlIjoieDFodXliWkhIaWpuTnNoNFlqQngifQ
  • Start Smeagol with ./mvwnw spring-boot:run or mvn spring-boot:run - application is now running.
  • Alternatively, Smeagol can also be started simply via the IDE. The configuration for this should have been created automatically.