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Developments on the CAS

The CAS (Central Authentification Service) is a Java application that plays the role of an SSO in the Cloudogu ecosystem. The CAS implements a client for the various CAS libraries of jasig. The currently used Java JDK is 1.8 (see pom.xml).

The source code of the CAS is located in the app/src/main/java directory.


The tests of the CAS are located in the directory app/src/test/java. Tests are done with JUnit4 in connection with Mockito. The directory structure is that of the source code.


The loglevel of the CAS is set by the parameter "logging/root"dogu.json.


With the CAS War Overlay upgrade to version 6.5.2, the @Autowire feature of Spring Boot can no longer be used as a Field Injection. "Constructor Injection" should be used in all cases during development. You could take a good look at the existing code in CAS. This was completely adapted for "Constructor Injection".