//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

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Access token

This endpoint is used to exchange a short term token (code) for a long term token (access_token).

URL : <fqdn>/api/accessToken

Method : GET

Data constraints

?grant_type = athorization_code
?code = Valid code from `authorize` endpoint
?client_id = Valid clientID from the dogu
?client_secret = Valid secret from the dogu
?redirect_url = <URL to which the long term token of successful authentication is sent>

Data example

?grant_type = athorization_code
?code = ST-1-wzG237MUOvfjfZrvRH5s-cas.ces.local
?client_id = portainer
?client_secret = sPJtcNrmROZ3sZu3
?redirect_url = https://local.cloudogu.com/portainer/

Call example


Successful response

Status: 200 OK

Example response:

    "access_token": "TGT-1-m2gUNJwEqXyV7aAEXekihcVnFc5iI4mpfdZGOTSiiHzEbwr1cr-cas.ces.local",
    "expires_in": "7196",
    "token_type": "bearer"

Unsuccessful response

Error: The short-term token is invalid or has already expired.

Status: 500 OK

Example response:

    "message": "invalid_grant"