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Update Easy Redmine to a new version

The Easy Redmine Dogu is based on a docker image provided by Easy Software. To update the base image you have to pull it from docker registry hosted by Easy Software.

Update version


  • before building the Dogu with cesapp build you have to log in to the external docker registry and pull the image manually
  • vor dem Bauen des Dogus mittels cesapp build muss docker login registry.git.easy.cz ausgeführt und das Image manuell heruntergeladen werden

    • run docker login registry.git.easy.cz
    • the credentials can be retrieved via gopass: ces/git.easy.cz/cloudogu-gmbh-partners-account/christian.beyer@cloudogu.com
    • the image needs to be downloaded beforehand because the cesappp application can handle only on credential pair which are in this case the credentials to access the Cloudogu docker registry
  • afterward, the Dogu can be built regularly with cesapp build

Jenkins pipeline

  • update the Jenkinsfile with the new version of Easy Redmine
  • the app version will be used to pull the correct base image used by the Dogu build