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Building with OpenJDK 8

Since Jenkins Dogu version 2.222.1-2 the default OpenJDK version is 11. If you want to keep using OpenJDK 8 for your builds, use the following steps.

Project builds

In standard Java build projects you can easily change the JDK via the project's configuration in Jenkins; just choose " OpenJDK-8" in the "JDK" category.

Pipeline builds

In Pipeline builds you have to adapt your pipeline script to use OpenJDK 8.

Declarative syntax

In pipelines with declarative syntax, you can add the tools section to use the correct jdk, for example:

stage("Get java version"){
  tools {
    jdk "OpenJDK-8"
    sh 'java -version'

Scripted syntax

In pipelines with scripted syntax, you can use the tool key word to use the correct jdk, for example:

stage("Get java version")
  def java_home = tool 'OpenJDK-8'
    sh "'${java_home}/bin/java' -version"

Building with Docker

You also have the option to use Docker for your builds, for example:

agent {
  docker { image 'openjdk:8-jdk' }
steps {
  sh 'java -version'


To use OpenJDK 8 in your maven builds, initialize it the following way:

def javaHome = tool 'OpenJDK-8'
Maven mvn = new MavenWrapper(this, javaHome)

Maven in Docker

Using the ces-build-lib, you can easily build your maven project in Docker:

Maven mvn = new MavenInDocker(this, "3.5.0-jdk-8")
mvn ...


Maven mvn = new MavenWrapper(this)
new Docker(this).image('openjdk:8-jdk').mountJenkinsUser().inside{
  mvn ...