//Cloudogu EcoSystem Docs

Features of the Confluence Dogu

Core features

Automated provisioning

When Confluence Dogu is installed for the first time, it is fully provisioned. At best, a directly executable Confluence instance is available after installation. Automated provisioning has its limits in the use of a separately purchased Confluence license key. A valid license key in the Dogu-Config-Key license_key is a prerequisite.

The Dogu can also be installed without a valid license key. However, Confluence will refuse to work unless a valid license is entered in the browser dialog that appears.

Dogu restart after initial license key entry

If no Confluence license key was provided before the Dogu installation, this can be done via the browser. If a valid license was then entered, a background program recognizes this change and initiates the necessary restart of the Confluence instance.

Emptying temp directories

It can happen that Confluence leaves temporary files in the /opt/atlassian/confluence/temp directory that are not cleaned up. There are two procedures for removing these files:

The first procedure is to empty this directory during startup. This procedure is particularly useful for those CES instances that use the regular CES-Backup. As the CES-Backup shuts down the dogu daily, the directory is emptied daily.

The second procedure consists of a background job. This job helps those CES instances that do not use a CES-Backup and therefore do not restart daily. This background job runs every 2 hours and only deletes files in the specified directory that are slightly older than one day. The file age limit is set to 26 hours to allow for special features such as time zone-related changes.

Other standard Dogu core features

  • Single sign-on and single log-out via CAS
  • Support for CES backup/restore
  • Support for renaming relevant user groups
  • Support for changing the CES instance FQDN

Feature control via Dogu configuration key

The following values can be configured via cesapp edit-config:

Confluence user group


License key


Set interval for Confluence LDAP synchronization


Set global language


Enable/disable analytics


Enable/disable support for mobile apps



Enable/disable plugin upload


Activates the possibility to upload plugins (Confluence apps) to Confluence. Possible values:

  • true (default)
  • false

Container resources

Configure container memory limit


Configure swap file


Configure percentage Java max RAM value


Configure percentage Java min RAM value


Configure the value for the size of the available code cache


Configure additional JVM arguments